Mastering Crypto Options: Platforms, Strategies, FAQs

Crypto Options Trading
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In fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, options trading has become dynamic. Looking at this landscape requires a keen understanding of platforms that facilitate such trades. This article delves into realm of crypto options trading usa, dissecting some of top platforms—Bybit, Deribit,, and OKX.

As we unravel intricacies of these platforms, we’ll also some fundamentals of crypto options, benefits and risks, and provide insights into how to navigate this exciting yet volatile market. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer, join us on this exploration of crypto options trading and tools and strategies to make informed decisions.

Top Crypto Options Trading Platforms


Bybit is a popular platform for trading cryptocurrency options. It’s easy to use and has many features. People can trade options for Bitcoin and Ethereum with up to 100 times normal amount. Both beginners and experts find it easy to use. Bybit also lets people trade perpetual contracts and futures, not just options.


Bybit has fair fees, starting at 0.03%. This fee applies to options trading, making it affordable for users. Everyone likes that Bybit is clear about its fees, and that’s why many people in crypto options trading usa community use it.

Supported Currencies:

Bybit mainly supports options trading for Bitcoin and Ethereum. People can use platform’s tools to trade options for these two cryptocurrencies.

Trading with Binance Cryptocurrency
Trading with Binance Cryptocurrency


Deribit is biggest exchange for Bitcoin derivatives globally. It focuses on options and futures trading. It’s great for advanced traders and has lots of trading tools. Although it doesn’t allow traders from US, it’s still a top choice for people who love crypto options.

Pros and Cons:

Deribit is strong because it’s leader in market, offering a safe and easy place to trade. However, some people don’t like that it doesn’t allow US traders. Despite this, Deribit is a favorite for many because of its options and futures, plus good tools for managing risks.


Deribit has a unique fee system that includes insurance funds for safety. The fees are different for makers and takers, and they can change based on things like market conditions. Even with these variations, Deribit stays competitive in market. is a crypto exchange that focuses a lot on trading options and futures. It’s special because it supports many different assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and more. People using can do different types of trading, like using USD or cryptocurrency for options. This gives traders more flexibility in how they trade.

Assets and Options: supports various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, ADA, FIL, TON, and more. Options on are split into two types: coin-margined and USD-margined. This means users can choose to get their money in either cryptocurrency they traded or in USD. offers different options with set prices and expiration dates to suit different trading styles.

Fees: has a fee system where cost depends on whether you are adding or taking away money from market. They also charge extra fees for certain options. Traders need to understand these fees to trade effectively on


OKX is a big platform for crypto trading, and it offers many options, including cryptocurrency options. Traders on OKX can use options for Bitcoin and Ethereum with different expiration times and prices. OKX doesn’t just have options; it also has perpetual futures and other types of crypto trading.

Fees and Special Features:

OKX has fees that start at 0.02% for makers and 0.03% for takers. It has some special features like options exercise fees, which gives traders more choices. OKX doesn’t allow trading for people in USA, but it has a demo account. This lets people from anywhere in world practice trading strategies with fake money using crypto options.

What Are Crypto Options Trading?

Crypto Options Trading are like agreements that let traders buy or sell a certain cryptocurrency at a fixed price (called strike price) on or before a specific end date. These options get their value from how price of cryptocurrency moves.

Different Types of Options (Calls and Puts)

Call Options: These let buyer purchase cryptocurrency at a set price before or on end date.

Put Options: These let buyer sell cryptocurrency at a set price before or on end date.

European vs. American Options

European Options: Can only be used on the end date.

American Options: Can be used any time before or on the end date.

Expiry and Strike Prices

Expiry Date: The day option ends. European options must be used on this day, but American options can be used before or on this day.

Strike Price: The agreed price at which buyer can use option.

Benefits and Risks of Crypto Options Trading

Leveraged Bets: Traders can make risky bets on future cryptocurrency prices using options, making possible big gains (or losses).

Increased Flexibility: Options let traders set up unique trades, allowing for different trading strategies.

Earning Passive Premiums and Hedging

Selling Options: Traders can make money upfront by selling options, creating an extra source of income.

Hedging: Options can work like insurance for a portfolio, especially for those with many cryptocurrencies, protecting against market downturns.

Managing Risks in a Volatile Market

Risk Management: Options let traders use strategies to control risks, limiting potential losses in a market that changes a lot.

Portfolio Diversification: Using options in a trading plan helps traders spread out their investments and balance risk exposure.

crypto options trading
Two diverse crypto traders brokers stock exchange market investors discussing trading charts

How Crypto Options Trading Works

Examples of Buying and Selling Calls

Buying Calls: An investor buys a call option when they think cryptocurrency’s price will go up. If price goes higher than the agreed price before or on end date, investor makes a profit.

Selling Calls: Traders sell call options to earn money. If price stays below agreed price, seller keeps money they earned. If price goes higher than agreed price, seller might face losses.

Examples of Buying and Selling Puts

Buying Puts: Investors buy put options if they expect cryptocurrency’s price to fall. If price drops below agreed price before or on end date, investor makes a profit.

Selling Puts: Traders sell put options to earn money. If price stays above agreed price, seller keeps money they earned. If price falls below agreed price, seller might face losses.

Making Money Crypto Options Trading

Correct Market Direction: Traders make money by predicting market correctly and choosing right options (calls or puts).

Premium Collection: Sellers earn money by collecting money upfront, but they also risk losing money if market doesn’t go their way.

Tips for Choosing a Crypto Options Trading Platform

Options Variety: Pick a platform that has many different options to fit different trading plans.

Fee Structure: Think about transaction fees, withdrawal fees, and any other costs linked to platform.

KYC Requirements: Be aware of platform’s identity check procedures, as some may need detailed verification.

Software Integration: Choose platforms that work well with trading tools and software to make trading easier.

Customer Support: Pick a platform with quick and reliable customer support to help with any issues or questions.

Crypto Options Terminology

  1. In The Money (ITM): When current market price of cryptocurrency is good for option holder. For calls, it means the market price is above agreed price; for puts, it’s when market price is below agreed price.
  2. At The Money (ATM): When market price is same as agreed price. At this point, option hasn’t made a profit for holder.
  3. Out Of The Money (OTM): When market price isn’t good for option holder. For calls, it’s when market price is below agreed price; for puts, it’s when market price is above agreed price.
  4. USD-Denominated Options: Options where value is in US dollars, giving traders a stable reference point.
  5. Covered Calls: A strategy where an investor owns cryptocurrency and sells a call option on same asset, providing some protection against losses.
  6. Uncovered Calls: Also called naked calls, this strategy involves selling call options without owning cryptocurrency, exposing seller to unlimited risk.
  7. Option Margin: The funds a trader needs to open and keep an options position, serving as security for potential losses.
  8. Unified Margin: An approach where different types of trading instruments share a single margin account.
  9. Portfolio Margin: A risk-based margin considering overall risk of a trader’s portfolio, allowing more efficient use of capital based on diverse holdings.
  10. Theta: Shows how an option’s value decreases as it gets closer to end. It measures how much option’s price will go down over time.
  11. Delta: Shows how much an option’s price changes with cryptocurrency’s price. It reflects chance of option being profitable.
  12. Gamma: Measures how fast an option’s delta changes when cryptocurrency’s price changes.
  13. Vega: Shows how much an option’s price changes with fluctuations in implied volatility.

Bottom Lines

The realm of crypto options trading usa offers investors and traders a diverse set of opportunities, accompanied by a unique set of challenges. As discussed in this comprehensive guide, selecting  right trading platform is crucial, considering factors such as features, fees, and supported assets.

Moreover, understanding intricacies of crypto options, including terminologies like ITM, ATM, OTM, and Greeks (Theta, Delta, Gamma, Vega), provides a solid foundation for effective decision-making. The benefits of crypto options trading usa, ranging from price speculation opportunities to earning passive premiums and managing risks in a volatile market, underscore its appeal in cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Can You Trade Crypto Options On Coinbase?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Coinbase did not offer crypto options trading usa. However, platforms and services evolve, so it’s recommended to check latest updates from Coinbase for most accurate information.

What Is A Good Crypto Options Trading Strategy?

A good crypto options trading strategy depends on various factors, including your risk tolerance, market outlook, and investment goals. Common strategies include covered calls, protective puts, and various spread strategies. It’s advisable to research and potentially consult with financial experts to tailor a strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Is There A Crypto Options Trading App?

Yes, there are mobile apps that facilitate crypto options trading. Popular crypto exchanges or trading platforms often provide mobile applications to trade on go. Ensure chosen app is secure, user-friendly, and compatible with your trading preferences.

What Is The Best Crypto Options Trading Platform?

Determining the best crypto options trading platform depends on individual preferences and requirements. Platforms like Bybit, Deribit,, and OKX, as mentioned in this guide, are known for their features and diverse options. Researching user reviews and staying updated on platform developments can help in making an informed choice.

Do You Have To Pay Taxes When Trading Crypto Options?

Tax regulations vary by jurisdiction, and it’s essential to comply with local laws. In many regions, crypto transactions, including options trading, may be subject to taxation. Consult with tax professionals or authorities to ensure accurate compliance with tax obligations.

Can I Use Crypto Options For Hedging?

Yes, crypto options can be used for hedging purposes. Options provide flexibility in managing risk by allowing investors to protect their portfolios against adverse price movements in underlying assets.

Can I Leverage Trade With Crypto Options?

Yes, leverage trading is often available on crypto options platforms. However, it involves increased risk, and traders should have a clear understanding of associated leverage and risk management strategies.

Is Crypto Options Trading Suitable for Beginners?

Crypto options trading can be complex, involving financial derivatives and market dynamics. While it offers unique opportunities, beginners should approach it with caution. Consider starting with a platform that provides educational resources and demo accounts to build your understanding before diving into live trading.