Is Boston Market Going Out of Business? Comprehensive Guide 2024

Is Boston Market Going Out of Business
Is Boston Market Going Out of Business

Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business – Boston Market used to be a popular chain known for its tasty home-cooked meals and roasted chicken. But now, it’s having money problems and has to close some stores. It started in 1985 as Boston Chicken and became famous for its delicious food and easy dining options. Despite growing to over 1,200 locations, it faced big challenges in late 1990s. Today, it’s struggling to survive with closures, legal issues and money troubles.

The Story of Boston Market

Boston Market began by offering homemade-style meals with its special roasted chickens, fresh sides and yummy desserts. From late 1980s to early 1990s, it became well-known for its convenient, tasty food for families and individuals. Its expansion across country brought lots of success.

The Story of Boston Market

Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business

Money Problems Over Time

Even though it did well at first, Boston Market ran into money problems that led to its downfall. Other fast-food places and grocery stores started offering similar meals, making it harder for Boston Market to stay popular.

In 1998, it had to declare bankruptcy, which started a tough time of changing owners and closing stores. Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business? These money troubles showed that Boston Market needed to change to keep up with what people wanted to eat.

Recent Issues and Lawsuits

Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business? Lately, Boston Market has faced new problems, like lawsuits and legal issues. Some workers say they weren’t paid enough and investigations into company’s pay practices have caused problems.

Also, lawsuits from companies that supply food, like $11.6 million one from US Foods, have made things worse. These legal fights make it uncertain if Boston Market can bounce back from its tough times.

What Happened Boston 

In 2023, Boston Market had to close many stores, making its money problems even worse. These closures showed how tough things have been for chain lately. It not only affected workers and customers but also made it unclear what would happen next for company in a market where competition is tough.

Where Stores Closed and Why
Money Problems Over Time

Where Stores Closed and Why

New Jersey

New Jersey got hit hard, with 27 Boston Market stores closing in August because Department of Labor found company broke labor laws, like not paying workers enough. Even though they tried to fix things and reopen, it showed how serious Boston Market’s money issues are.


Several Boston Market stores in Delaware shut down, including one on North Dupont Highway. Like in New Jersey, these closures happened because company couldn’t keep up with what people wanted to eat and had money problems. The sudden closures and lack of updates online made it clear chain was struggling.


Boston Market had trouble in Georgia too, with one store in Atlanta closing for good. This closure was part of a bigger problem for chain, as it couldn’t keep up with newer, more popular places to eat. The quick closure in Atlanta showed how unsure company’s future is.


In Florida, a Boston Market store in Marion County closed down, making things even harder for chain. Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business? Problems with getting enough food and money issues led to closure and workers weren’t paid for weeks before it shut down. Losing this store made Boston Market less common in Florida.


Even in its home state of Colorado, Boston Market had to close some stores temporarily in places like Aurora and Westminster. While one store in Colorado Springs reopened, people weren’t happy with food quality and service, raising doubts about chain’s future. Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business? These closures in Colorado showed problems Boston Market faces locally and across country.

Headquarters Closure

In a big move, Colorado took over Boston Market’s headquarters in Golden because company didn’t pay taxes. This drastic action showed how serious company’s money problems are and made people wonder if it can keep going. Losing its headquarters was a big sign of how much Boston Market has fallen and how unsure its future is in a tough market.

Legal Problems and Lawsuits
Not Paying Workers and Other Bad Things

Legal Problems and Lawsuits

Not Paying Workers and Other Bad Things

Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business? Boston Market got in trouble for not paying workers and breaking labor laws. They didn’t pay wages on time, didn’t pay minimum wage and tried to stop investigations into these problems. This shows there are big problems in how they treat workers and follow law.

Getting Sued by Suppliers and Workers

Besides labor issues, Boston Market also got sued by companies that supply its food. One lawsuit from US Foods says Boston Market didn’t pay them what they owed, making company’s money problems worse. Workers in Massachusetts and Arizona also sued because they weren’t paid properly. These lawsuits not only hurt company’s money but also its reputation and how much people trust it.


Is Boston Market Going Out Of Business? it’s not clear what will happen next because of all these legal problems, store closures and money issues. The company hasn’t kept up with what people want to eat and how other places are doing things.

Even if they fix some problems and change how they work, things don’t look good for long term. Boston Market needs to make big changes to do well in a market that’s already busy with lots of competition. Whether it survives and does better will depend on if it can change, solve its problems and make people trust it again.

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What is Boston Market known for?

Boston Market is renowned for its homestyle meals, particularly its spit-roasted rotisserie chickens, made-from-scratch sides and comforting desserts.

Why is Boston Market closing stores?

Boston Market is closing stores due to financial difficulties, including unpaid wages, labor law violations and failure to adapt to changing consumer preferences.

How many Boston Market locations have closed?

Between 2017 and 2022, Boston Market closed 161 stores and approximately 50 more stores closed in 2023, reflecting extent of chain’s struggles.

What legal troubles is Boston Market facing?

Boston Market is facing lawsuits related to unpaid wages, labor law violations and failure to meet payment obligations to distributors and suppliers, such as $11.6 million lawsuit from US Foods.

What is future outlook for Boston Market?

The future outlook for Boston Market is uncertain, as chain grapples with ongoing legal challenges, store closures and financial instability. Rebuilding trust with customers and stakeholders, along with implementing significant reforms, will be crucial for its survival and long-term success.