Master the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love

Master the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love
Soulstone Survivors

In the game Soulstone Survivors, there’s a cool event called Ritual of Love. It happens every Valentine’s Day and is part of Omen of Spring update from 2023. During this event, players get to do a special ceremony based on old traditions. The ceremony is all about a magical gem called Soulstone, which is believed to fix broken hearts and make relationships better. In this article, we’ll talk about how event works and why it’s important in Soulstone Survivors.

What’s Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love?

The soulstone survivors ritual of love is an exciting event in Soulstone Survivors for Valentine’s Day. It started with Omen of Spring update in 2023 and is inspired by ancient ceremonies. It’s all about Soulstone gem’s special powers. To take part, players need to go to Whispering Grove map, third map in game.

You can unlock this map by defeating bosses in earlier maps. In Whispering Grove, players meet Camor, Lovable Archer, and have to find and break a heart-shaped crystal to start ritual. This part of article will talk about where event comes from, what’s cool about Whispering Grove map, and role of Camor in Ritual of Love.

Doing the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love

To join in the exciting soulstone survivors ritual of love, players need to meet some requirements for a great experience. First, you must unlock Whispering Grove map by defeating bosses from earlier maps. You can also adjust game’s difficulty level, called Curse Intensity, to what you like, but it works best at Curse Intensity 34 or higher.

Lastly, make sure you have good gear like weapons and skills to help you survive and deal damage. This part of article will explain these requirements, so players can get ready and have a good time with soulstone survivors ritual of love.

Soulstone Survivors’ Ritual of Love event

Whispering Grove Map

Begin your Ritual of Love adventure by going to magical Whispering Grove map. You can unlock it by beating bosses in earlier adventures. This map is where all Valentine’s Day fun happens in Soulstone Survivors. While you’re there, uncover hidden secrets of Whispering Grove as you search for heart-shaped crystal and take part in soulstone survivors ritual of love.

Choosing Curse Intensity for a Challenge

How well Ritual of Love goes depends on Curse Intensity you pick. This is a dynamic thing that decides how hard game is. Whether you want a tough time or an easier one, you can adjust Curse Intensity. Understand details of this important factor as you aim for best results in finishing soulstone survivors ritual of love event.

Getting Ready with Right Gear

To conquer Ritual of Love and come out on top, you need more than just bravery. You must have right gear, like strong weapons and smart skills. This gear is crucial for staying alive and doing well in dealing with indirect damage. Jump into world of getting your gear ready as you prepare for the Ritual of Love and all its challenges.

Steps: How to Do the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love

When you enter Ritual of Love in Soulstone Survivors, there are important steps to follow, guiding you through magical process. Each step is crucial for finishing event and earning special skills and achievements. Here’s a breakdown of key steps:

Map Access: Start your Ritual of Love adventure by going to Whispering Grove map. Move through beautiful landscape as you get ready for heart of Valentine’s Day event.

Crystal Discovery: Look for bottom left corner of map, where you’ll find a pink heart-shaped crystal on an altar. This crystal is main point for starting Ritual of Love event.

Initiating the Event: Once you see heart-shaped crystal, take action and break it to begin Ritual of Love event. Timing is important; if you don’t start within two minutes, event locks for rest of run.

Camor’s Arrival: Watch for Camor, Lovable Archer, who adds excitement to event. Get ready for his arrows, which can cause damage and bleeding effects.

Pylon Appearance: After about two minutes, invincible pylons with heart-shaped crystals will show up in different places on map, adding a new challenge to ritual.

Pylon Destruction: Your task is to guide Camor’s arrows to hit and destroy eight pylons scattered around map. Use smart moves to bring down these invincible totems and move closer to finishing event.

Achievement Unlocked: Celebrate your success when you destroy all eight pylons. You’ll unlock new abilities and achievements in Soulstone Survivors. Each achievement shows a different level of difficulty, proving your skills in Ritual of Love.

Rewards for Finishing the Ritual of Love

Finish the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love and enjoy rewards of your success. Completing this magical event gives you access to three special seasonal skills that will make your gameplay even better. Explore cool features of Heartbreak Orbs, Camor’s Arrow, and Heartrending Strike, each bringing a different set of abilities to improve your experience in Soulstone Survivors. Also, feel proud as you unlock special achievements that prove you’re a master of the soulstone survivors ritual of love.

Rewards for Finishing the Ritual of Love
Rewards for Finishing the Ritual of Love

Why Ritual of Love is Special

The soulstone survivors ritual of love is not just a game event; it’s a celebration of community, memories, and connections in world of Soulstone Survivors. This part talks about unique and cherished qualities that make soulstone survivors ritual of love special. From players supporting each other in virtual tough times to the meaningful act of remembering loved ones through token exchanges, discover the heartwarming aspects that make this event stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do Ritual of Love in “Endless” mode?

No, Ritual of Love is only in Whispering Grove map and doesn’t happen in “Endless” mode. It’s a unique and immersive event with its own boundaries, not part of the continuous and challenging gameplay of “Endless” mode.

Is there a time limit for joining event?

Yes, Ritual of Love is yearly from February 13 to February 26. During this time, you can take part in event and enjoy its magical aspects. However, even after these dates, you keep any skills and achievements you got during Ritual of Love for future use.

Can you do Ritual of Love with others?

Absolutely! Working together is important in Ritual of Love. Players can join in this special event collaboratively, creating a sense of community and shared accomplishment. But remember, each person needs their own Soulstone ring to actively help finish event.

What strategies work well for finishing Ritual of Love?

While strategies can differ based on how you play, here are some general tips to increase your chances of finishing Ritual of Love:

  1. Use gear that balances surviving and dealing indirect damage.
  2. Dodge Camor’s arrows carefully to reduce damage.
  3. Use in-game map to track where pylons appear and plan your moves.
  4. Position Camor smartly to aim his arrows at pylons.
  5. Move quickly to destroy all eight pylons and win Ritual of Love.


As soulstone survivors ritual of love ends, take a moment to think about magical journey in Soulstone Survivors. This part gives a quick recap of event, focusing on its important parts and joy of getting seasonal skills and achievements. It ends with an encouraging message, asking players to actively be part of this special celebration of love and unity. Embrace Ritual of Love and let its enchantment stay with you in your gaming experience.

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