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In fast-changing world of cryptocurrency, investors are unsure whether to sell to avoid more losses or wait for market to improve. Choosing which crypto to buy today for long term is crucial during tough times. This article looks at best 12 cryptocurrencies to buy in January 2024.

We consider things like how easy it is to buy or sell m, technology y use, ir leadership in industry, and how ir tokens work.

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Which Crypto to Buy Today For Long Term

1. Easy Buying and Selling:

We check how easy it is to trade a cryptocurrency by looking at its trading volume and how available it is in market. Which crypto to buy today for long term is easy to trade, it means you can buy or sell it without prices changing too much, making trading more stable.

2. Technology:

We study technology behind cryptocurrency. For example, Solana is known for its fast blockchain that can handle many transactions at once. Mina Protocol has a light design and uses special technology, making it great for people who use mobile devices.

3. Industry Leadership:

We see how important a cryptocurrency is in its industry. Uniswap, as biggest decentralized exchange on Ethereum, is a leader, showing its crucial role in letting people swap tokens without needing middlemen.

4. Token Economics:

We look at economic side of a cryptocurrency, like how its tokens are distributed and used. For instance, Axie Infinity adjusted its tokenomics for SLP to create a sustainable play-to-earn model, making it more attractive for users.

which crypto to buy today for long term

Weekly Updated Top 3 Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitcoin, first cryptocurrency, started in 2009 by someone called Satoshi Nakamoto. It uses a decentralized technology called blockchain. With only 21 million coins available, and being decentralized, Bitcoin is seen as a valuable asset. Over time, it has become known as digital gold and a way to protect against inflation.

Recent Bitcoin ETFs and Market Trends:

Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are a big deal for Bitcoin. They allow regular investors to be part of Bitcoin without owning it directly. This has made Bitcoin more popular, affecting how market behaves. Bitcoin’s price is still influenced by things like economy, rules made by authorities, and interest from big organizations.

Upcoming Bitcoin Halving Expectations:

Bitcoin goes through a halving about every four years, which slows down how many new coins are made. The next halving is expected in [insert year], and it usually makes Bitcoin’s price go up. This is because less supply often meets higher demand during se events.

Toncoin (TON):

Toncoin is closely tied to Telegram, a widely-used messaging app. Telegram Open Network (TON) raised a lot of money in its initial coin offering (ICO), but it faced problems with rules, leading to project being dropped. Despite this, Toncoin has continued to develop on its own.

Recent Developments, Including Tonnel Network and ShareON Mini App:

Tonnel Network, a project focused on privacy, is a significant step for Toncoin. It aims to make transactions on TON Blockchain more private and secure. Also, ShareON mini app shows how versatile Toncoin is, giving users new ways to use blockchain.

Growing Interest Among Developers in TON Blockchain Ecosystem:

Toncoin has become popular among developers because of its strong blockchain . The TON Blockchain has cool features, like being able to handle a lot of things and using smart contracts. This attracts developers who want to create decentralized apps (DApps) and explore new ideas within Toncoin network.

As Toncoin goes through its journey after Telegram, keeping an eye on se changes and how y affect market can be helpful for both investors and fans.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is different from other blockchains because of its special design and features. It uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of History (PoH), which checks transactions before adding m to blockchain. This makes Solana more scalable and faster. Solana also has low transaction costs, making it a good choice for decentralized applications (DApps) and developers.

Introduction of Solana Mobile Successor and Its Possible Impact:

The new Solana Mobile successor is a big step for Solana. It makes Solana work well on mobile devices, letting users easily use Solana-based apps on ir phones. This matches trend of more people using mobile devices for blockchain, possibly bringing in more users and making Solana even more popular.

Review of Recent Market Performance and Changes:

Solana has done well in market, getting attention for its technology and how much it’s growing. It can handle a lot of transactions without high fees, which makes people like it. Recent changes, like partnerships, working together with others, and starting new projects in Solana system, all influence how well it does in market.

As Solana keeps competing in blockchain world, watching its tech updates, partnerships, and how market is doing will help investors and fans understand it better. How well Solana’s blockchain works and new things it does will likely affect how it stands in broader world of cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum (ETH):

Ethereum is vital in world of cryptocurrencies, especially for making smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Its blockchain lets developers create and use se self-executing contracts, making a variety of decentralized functions possible . The growth of Ethereum depends on its ability to support innovative DApps and solutions.

Decoding Polygon A Game Changer for Ethereum Scalability
Decoding Polygon A Game Changer for Ethereum Scalability

Potential for Ethereum ETFs and Market Expectations:

People are excited about possibility of Ethereum Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). If se are approved, regular investors can get involved with Ethereum without directly owning it. People expect se ETFs to bring in more institutional investors, which could affect how Ethereum performs in market.

Comparative Performance Analysis Against Other Cryptocurrencies:

Ethereum’s performance is often compared to other major cryptocurrencies. This comparison looks at things like how fast transactions happen, how secure network is, and how scalable it is. Understanding how Ethereum compares which crypto to buy today for long term to other cryptocurrencies helps see its place in market.


XRP is known for its focus on making cross-border transfers efficient and cheap. Its blockchain, Ripple, aims to make international transactions quick and smooth . The low cost of XRP transfers is especially useful for global money transfers and big institutional use.

Recent Positive Developments, Including Partnerships and Recognitions:

Recent good things happening, like partnerships with financial institutions and getting recognized by regulators, make XRP’s ecosystem stronger . These positive changes not only make XRP more trustworthy but also affect how widely it’s used and how people see it in market.

Analysis of Recent Price Surge and Considerations for Investors:

The recent increase in XRP’s price makes it worth looking into what’s causing it. Investors might check basics, what people in market are feeling, and external factors that could be affecting how much XRP is worth.


BNB has a double role as main token for Binance exchange and native asset on Binance Smart Chain. Understanding how it works in both situations helps see why people want it and how useful it is in broader Binance system.

Different Services Provided by Binance

Impact of Binance Launchpool Platform on BNB Demand:

Binance Launchpool, a place for token offerings and farming, affects how much people want BNB. Using BNB in Launchpool system changes how much of it is available and how attractive it is for users wanting to join in on new token launches.

Potential for Future Announcements Affecting BNB Price:

BNB’s price goes up or down based on announcements from Binance, like new features, partnerships, and things happening on Binance Smart Chain. Paying attention to se announcements is important for investors who want to understand how y might affect BNB’s performance in market.

Uniswap (UNI):

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to trade different ERC-20 tokens without a regular order book. Its automated market-making (AMM) model is a big part of decentralized finance (DeFi) popularity.

Record-Breaking Daily Trading Volume and Its Significance:

Uniswap breaking records in daily trading shows how important it is in decentralized trading. High trading volumes mean more people are using it, influencing Uniswap as a top decentralized exchange.

Launch of a Non-Custodial Mobile Wallet and Its Features:

A non-custodial mobile wallet being introduced follows trend of making decentralized finance more accessible. Looking at wallet’s features helps understand how Uniswap is reaching mobile users and making user experience better.

Mina Protocol (MINA):

Mina Protocol stands out with its lightweight blockchain design, perfect for mobile devices. Focusing on mobile adoption helps solve problems with scalability and opens up new ways to use blockchain globally.

Zero-Knowledge Technology and Potential Market Advantages:

Using zero-knowledge proof technology in Mina Protocol improves privacy and security. Knowing market advantages from this technology helps understand where Mina Protocol stands in wider blockchain world.

Recent Market Performance and Developments:

Looking at how Mina Protocol has been doing in market recently and its developments, like partnerships or upgrades, helps understand where it’s going and how much interest it’s getting from crypto community to which crypto to buy today for long term.

Cosmos (ATOM):

Cosmos focuses on interoperability, making it easier for different blockchains to communicate and do transactions. Cosmos plays a big role in connecting different blockchains, which is crucial for understanding its value.

Approval of a Proposal to Cap Inflation and Its Implications:

Cosmos recently approved a proposal to limit inflation, affecting its tokenomics and long-term sustainability. This decision can change how attractive ATOM tokens are to investors and validators.

Community Dynamics and Contentious Vote Outcomes:

Looking at community dynamics and how votes go when re’s disagreement gives insight into how Cosmos is governed. Understanding how community handles important decisions shows how adaptable and resilient Cosmos network is.

Litecoin (LTC):

Litecoin, one of earliest altcoins, has a close connection to Bitcoin. Understanding where it came from and how it’s different from or works with Bitcoin helps see Litecoin’s role in cryptocurrency world.

Anticipation of Upcoming Litecoin Halving and Recent Price Performance:

The upcoming Litecoin halving event and how it might change supply are important for investors to think about. Also, looking at how Litecoin’s price has been doing recently and market trends helps understand its current value.

Institutional Interest and Listing on EDX Markets Exchange:

Litecoin getting attention from institutions and being listed on EDX Markets exchange shows it’s becoming more accepted in traditional finance. Looking at what se developments mean for Litecoin’s accessibility and how easy it is to trade is crucial for investors watching institutional trends in crypto ti which crypto to buy today for long term.

Shiba Inu (SHIB):

Shiba Inu became popular as a meme cryptocurrency inspired by Shiba Inu dog. Knowing its origins and unique features, like its playful branding and community-driven approach, helps understand why it’s in market.

which crypto to buy today for long term

Attempt to Obtain .shib Top-Level Domain and Potential Implications:

Trying to get .shib domain shows Shiba Inu’s community trying to make a special online presence. Understanding what this could mean for branding, recognition, and community involvement is important.

Considerations for Investors and Regulatory Aspects:

Investors should remember that meme cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu, can have prices changing quickly. Also, keeping up with regulations is vital because y can significantly affect market and what investors think.

Axie Infinity (AXS):

Axie Infinity changed gaming industry by letting players earn cryptocurrency by playing. Knowing how game works and its wider system is crucial for understanding if Axie Infinity will last in long run.

Recent Adjustments in SLP Tokenomics and Impact on AXS:

Axie Infinity’s changes in how Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens work can affect how much people want AXS tokens. Seeing how se changes affect whole Axie Infinity economy and what users want is crucial for investors and those involved in Axie.

Growing Popularity and Potential Future Developments:

The fact that more people are into Axie Infinity shows it’s appealing to a big audience. Looking at what might happen next, like new partnerships or improvements, helps investors guess where Axie Infinity might go in gaming and blockchain world.


For investors, having different types of cryptocurrencies, knowing what’s happening in market, and researching each project is important. Also, understanding rules changing and how crypto market keeps changing helps make smart investment choices. Like with any investment, it’s smart to look at which crypto to buy today for long term world with a balanced view, thinking about possible rewards and risks.

This comparison looked at different sides of various cryptocurrencies. From meme tokens like Shiba Inu to inventive gaming systems like Axie Infinity, each has its own things going on. Investors need to think about se things when dealing with always changing crypto market.

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What is Bitcoin’s halving, and why does it matter?

Bitcoin halving is an event that happens approximately every four years, reducing reward that miners get for validating transactions. This scarcity mechanism affects supply and demand for Bitcoin, often leading to an increase in its price over time.

How does a decentralized exchange like Uniswap work?

Uniswap operates on blockchain technology, letting users trade cryptocurrencies directly from ir wallets. It uses automated smart contracts instead of traditional order books, allowing for decentralized and permissionless trading.

What sets Solana apart from other blockchains?

Solana stands out because of its high-performance blockchain, offering fast and low-cost transactions. Its unique consensus mechanism, Proof of History, helps with scalability, making it appealing for decentralized applications and projects.

Why is Mina Protocol considered lightweight?

Mina Protocol is considered lightweight because it uses zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge) technology. This technology allows for efficient verification of transactions without needing to store entire history of blockchain.

What role does Ethereum play in world of smart contracts?

Ethereum is a major platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). It allows developers to create and use smart contracts, which are self-executing agreements with coded terms. This capability supports a wide range of decentralized applications and blockchain projects.